Disconnecting from Self is part of being human. It begins before we can speak and it can’t be avoided. However, our true Self is always there and it’s possible to rebuild the connection, and live a Self Led Life.

With compassion, curiosity, creativity, calmness, clarity, caring, courage, presence, persistence, perspective and playfulness, you can get back to your essence.

All courses, retreats and 1-2-1 session are powerfully transformative and have the intention of bringing harmony to your mind, your life, your community and the world.

Can you imagine the peace that comes with being Self Led?

Take a breath


We believe that everyone has the ability, skills and desire to be their own guide, to sort out their problems, achieve their goals, and to bring harmony and balance into their lives.

At the same time, we recognise that life events, circumstance, belief systems and societal influences, can hamper this.

Our role is to help you reconnect with your Self and we do this through:

  • 1-2-1 work online
  • Short courses
  • Retreats

We will hold the space for you to do the work. Deep down you already know what needs to be done to bring about the change you want in your life. The challenge, and this can be a fun challenge full of curiosity and playfulness, is to give space and presence to what is. And we will help you.