28 Feb

Trauma and the Nervous System: A Polyvagal Perspective

Trauma and the Nervous System

This highly informative video was developed by The Trauma Foundation to give a basic introduction and overview of how trauma and chronic stress affects our nervous system and how those effects impact our health and well-being.

Much of the content is based on the groundbreaking work of Stephen Porges and his Polyvagal Theory and inspired and informed by the work of thought leaders Deb Dana, Vincent Felitti, Robert Anda, Gabor Mate, Dan Siegel, Robert Scaer, Peter Levine, Steve Hoskinson, Allan Schore, Laurence Heller, Bessel van der Kolk, Bruce Perry, Diane Poole-Heller, Wilhelm Reich, Hans Selye, Walter Hess, Walter Cannon and John Hughlings Jackson.

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